Vegetarian Recipes

1. Gado Gado
It is one of a favorite vegetarian dishes from Indonesia. It is very easy to make. Here is the Vegetarian Recipe | Gado Gado Jakarta

2. Jamur Goreng Asam Manis (Fried Oyster Mushroom)
Resep Vegetarian | Jamur Goreng Asam Manis or Fried Oyster Mushroom recipes

3. Bitter and Sweet Soup (Sup Pahit Manis)
Vegetarian Recipe | Bitter and Sweet Soup from Chinese Veg Recipe

4. Vegan Thousand Island Dressing Recipe
Here the Vegan Thousand Island Dressing Recipe

5. Soy Milk (Susu Kacang Kedelai)
Here the Soy Milk Recipe | Cara Membuat Susu Kedelai

6.  Tempe Burger
Vegetarian Recipe | Tempe Burger | Burger dari tempe

More Vegetarian Indonesia Recipes will be added here.

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